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"There's a convention in town." 

"What kind of convention?"

"One for people like us."

Vague words from Phantom; Natasha shrugged.

"Enjoy, Ma'am." Natasha continued working. She flipped through hard-copy pages and augmented reality displays - images that appeared only ot her, projected directly from her neural computer to her eyes and then brain. Fingers danced daintily over reams of information on rivals and competitors. Working in Phantom's "living room" meant that there were fewer distractions; no captives, no moaning, no improper amorous relations. 

"I was thinking you would come." Natasha's hair stood on end. Ominous clacking of Phantom's heels echoed in tune with her deep voice. "You are my employee, and I think you would do well to go to a conference with me."

Natasha shook her head. "Sorry, Ma'am, but I am occupied. Strategy doesn't formulate itself."

Something warm pressed against Natasha's retro haircut. She blushed, and the red in her cheeks contrasted with the white of her skintight labcoat. 

Phantom gently moved her stomach against the scientist's neck, with her breasts gently sagging onto Natasha's head. "But Natasha," she said, "You are more than just my employee. You are my friend!"

"Then why does my employee ID say 'slave'?"

"Slave, captive, employee, friend, hostage. It is all part of a continuum. You would not want to go to a party alone, would you? Come along as a favor. It's a gathering of scientists, transhumans, and like-minded individuals."

Natasha blinked. Her virtual workspace receded in her mind.

 "Phantom, c'mon. Like, to start with, I'm busy with something you asked me to do. Something that could determine the future of your career as an evil mastermind, or whatever. Your words."

"Second, I don't people . Not the same way you do. Maybe if I was in the mood, Phantom, but I'm not; I'd rather spend a quiet night in with-"

The last few words of Natasha's response fell by the wayside. Phantom spoke over her. When Natasha continued, she felt a single, gloved finger hushing her, covering her lips.

"It'll be fun."


Starlit, empty sky ensconced and encompassed the valley. Wide, rustling plains and gentle winds gave moonlit, ebony embrace an eerie quality. Every sound was underscored by the soft, hissing whistle of grass and leaves. So great were the stars that they mixed with the terrestrial sounds and smells. The sounds synchronized with the twinkling above, almost as if the sky was hissing in disdain.

"You said this was a convention." Natasha folded her arms in a self-hug. She held her arms tightly, occasionally shivering against the cool Autumn air. Natasha had dressed warmly, though Phantom scoffed at her excessive wardrobe. 

The wind picked up grass , and it hissed in its dew-covered chill.

"Yes. We are convening. The transhumans I mentioned are coming to us. The Hive. That is what they call their organization. They're meeting us here."

"The name doesn't sound friendly, Phantom."

Phantom stopped walking. The field seemed to go on forever, broken up only by rocks and hills.

"They are not a friendly sort. They are hostile, and have relatively little regard for the human rights you and I so cherish. They consider themselves far and beyond such trivialities. Much anything 'human' is beyond them, in fact. At least, that's what I understood from our transmissions," Phantom explained.

Natasha stopped as well, panting slightly. "What's your collateral, then?"


"You know. You arranged this meeting - what's to stop them from just showing up and doing horrible things to us?"

"I explained to them my status as a villainess, my personal gravitas, and my vast financial resources; I could be more than a thorn in their side. I could end them."


"Yes, Natasha?"

"All of those things are very..."


"They're very human."


"I thought you said they didn't get about such 'human' things.".

A bright light extended from the sky.

Everywhere the light touched her skin; every inch and nook that the light seemed to softly wash over turned a bright purple. Not her skin, but something more. It appeared below her clothing, a purple and opaque coating. It was so fast, so sudden, that Natasha never bothered to resist, and she never bothered to comment on the familiarity.

It was familiar, in a way. Suddenly, thick latex covering her body. But the manner of its application was utterly alien. The smell and sensation of tightness totally covered her. Her bra, sweaters, pantyhose-  all of them were now far away from her lithe skin, separated by a suddenly-growing layer of purple latex. 

Her clothing seemed to rip all at once. Her bra and hose, already far too tight, went first, tearing off into shreds as a new, thicker, larger replacement subsumed them. Gloves, shoes... in a few seconds, Natasha was gone. 

In her place, still kneeling in the same half-confused mid-sentence pose, was an entity of purple latex. 

She knelt, and she felt the most thorough coating seeping together. Her knees locked, the coating on her rear fused with that on her heels. It was thick, and it was stretchy. She could move quite easily, even talk; it was thin enough around her mouth and face.

She felt someone touching her - presumably Phantom - and muffled sounds of surprise. Then, another burst of heat; the sensation of soft light falling over her helpless, wholly hooded head. The sound of rustling grass had been replaced by the sound of struggling. Phantom, too, was gone, her clothes shredded, and her skin totally encased by this purple latex. 

The two felt their bodies lifted into the air as the rubber hardened and stiffened. In a few minutes, all that remained of their midnight meeting was a few tatters of clothes. A soft morning rain washed most of the shreds away.


Isolation quickly grew to unnerve Natasha. Her body, heavily augmented by nanotechnology concentrated in her chest, allowed her to awake from sedation far in advance of schedule. Her mind rose to activity, but some sort of field kept her body from doing the same. She dangled, listlessly and floating helplessly in place. It was embarassing, awkward, and bizarre; still trapped in the thick embrace of the latex-like purple, she twirled in place, hovering as though in free fall. Escape was her top priority, but it also seemed impossible. How long should she float like this?

She surmised that this was an examination. Much easier to touch and examine the subject if they weren't strapped or tied down to some sort of slab or X-frame, as Phantom often preferred. The heavy and encompassing rubbery embrace truly did coat every inch of her helpless and voluptuous figure. It was spreading her, filling in cracks and nooks normally obscured by clothing. Her captors twirled her - at least, she felt fingers on her thick encasement - to examine different spots. Her latex enclosure seemed to provide some modicum of information to them. All it told her was that she was a prisoner.

After the initial examination, Natasha was returned to holding. She was blind, but could see; her ears and sense heavily ensconced, but not forbidden to her. A greater awareness entered Natasha's mind through her technological augmentation, and through it, she sensed the room; each tiny machine and signal echoing through her mind to create a pointillistic image of her prison.

The 'storage' chamber seemed to be a massive room, hundreds of meters across. It truly evoked the imagery of a beehive. Hexagonal cells seemed to cover every wall. Some were small, shoulder-width across, and others were large enough to be cargo doors, which she surmised they were. Her insight exposed to her the doors' opening and closing, and large components shifted through its berth. These heavy doors were the only obvious points of egress.

It was the other cells that distracted her. Natasha was in just one such a cell, as were what might be hundreds of others. Each and every cell was identical in size; dehumanizing to the extreme. Orange, advanced ceramics made up the cells' composition, and within perhaps half of them was a living, human entity. Every entity was placed into the cell feet-first, and lowered meticulously, thoroughly, and slowly into a sticky substance. It seemed to be organic in composition - no nanomachines, no monitors - and Natasha could scarcely sense it further. These poor saps - herself included - were shoved down 'till the waxy substance nearly reached their chins. Within a few moments, an electrical surge would wrack the pod, sending the victim into a painfully stimulated tizzy and instantly solidifying the wax. They would be trapped, the top of their neck and heads free to writhe. 

Almost all of these cell-dwellers were "dressed" as Natasha was; synthetic smart-materials that coated and probed and encased their wearers. A single, thick layer of rubbery enclosure. Natasha surmised that since she was breathing, the goop was air-permeable - though its heavy restriction kept her stomach from expanding to its max capacity. At times, she'd be short of breath.

She knew that she was the exception, though. Unlike anyone - anyone - else in this room, this cell was simply too small. Not due to massive size or weight, but simply her bust. Natasha's massive breasts dominated her physique; she had done her best to hide it during the walk with Phantom, but now it was impossible. Her body was totally highlighted and outlined by her personal prison, and her gigantic chest was more than obvious. Each of her mammaries was compressed against the flat walls of her hex-cell, in turn forcing her backwards. When the transhumans first dragged her to the cell, she imagined them stomping and shoving her with all their physical might to squish her into the cell. Her bust also protruded upwards, with the tops of her curve visible over the wax-layer that kept her imprisoned.

Almost all of the other cell-dwellers were wearing similar coatings, but a few wore less and some wore more. Those with less sometimes had bare faces entirely; free to talk and beg. She occasionally heard muffled yelps from the others, somewhere far across the cells. Those with more had been equipped with masks or metal cowls to restrict them further.

Phantom was one of those who had been deemed 'important enough' to be so equipped. Natasha was unable to see her through the coating, but mentally linked with her. The entire room was swimming with electronic devices despite the plainness of the cells. It wasn't difficult to monitor her CEO's vital signs, and after what Natasha surmised was a day or so of stasis, she was able to navigate to Phantom herself and open a direct line of communication. Data crossed between them instantly; no words or syntax was required.

Planning was resolved in a few seconds. After an analysis of the "wax," Natasha had determined that it reacted to electricity. Phantom concurred, stating that she had been afflicted with 3.1 miliamps of electricity, which had forced the 'wax' into solid mode. The next step would be to create an electric current strong enough to short and discharge a comparable level of electricity through the wax - which would hopefully return it to liquid, allowing a modicum of movement. This could be achieved in a variety of ways; Phantom recommended a minor static buildup; she could use this to interfere with some of her more delicate interal systems, causing said discharge. Natasha agreed.

The two also agreed on terminology; the encasing liquid was 'wax' and the foodstuffs that they occasionally were fed would be 'nectar.' 

Feeding seemed to be regular. Every other day, Natasha would suddenly feel strong hands on her coated head. Feminine, thin fingers would move around her perfectly-enclosed features; fingers prodding at where her ears should be, stroking the faint outline of her lips beneath the rubber; cutely and daintily pinching the mound where her nose was. Then, the 'feeding'. A tiny tube was forced through the rubber, between her lips, and into her mouth where it would expand. Then, without mercy, she felt a warm, sweet substance pumped into her mouth. The first time, she yelped, screamed, and thrashed, practically choking on it. The force-fed liquid ran down her throat as she writhed, loathe to swallow some strange extraterrestrial concotion. Eventually, she felt her muscles relax, and soon , the nectar flowed into her body freely.

It was during these moments that she could ascertain the appearance of her captors as well. They were humanoid , and maybe even looked human. She couldn't tell, though; organic features did not appear to her extra-sensory techno-sight, only signals. She sensed wide-lensed masks that gave them an almost insectoid look, with gas filters where the proboscis might be. Sleek suits covered their bodies. Natasha liked to think that they kept with the 'hive' theme, and dressed themselves in gold and black.

Such pleasant thoughts always flowed to Natasha after consumption of nectar. It was a food, presumably, totally metabolized by her body - there was no waste involved. She felt a pleasant warmness that flowed from her core to her extremities, followed shortly thereafter by equally-pleasant relaxation of her muscles. And then, after both, she felt arousal. Natasha imagined that sexual libido was a side-effect of the nectar, but she could't be sure.

After all, she was in the midst of a very forbidden fantasy. Thick rubber, encasement, and total coating? Not to mention force-feedings and constant control. It was technological servitude; she was a slave to these machines. Every thought, every movement reminded her of an unending arousal; her womanhood begged for stimulus but such outcomes were impossible. In this cocoon, she felt safe and secure; with her skin covered, she felt pleasure - though her logical mind knew she should feel panic and desperation.

Again, just as she had many nights prior, she would work herself up. She'd grind her thighs however little she could, squirm, and moan to herself. Squeaks echoed from her sealed lips. Sparks flew inside her head as breath became harder to come by. 

And again, she'd work herself into a useless tizzy before slowly riding waning throes of arousal. She didn't know when she and Phantom would manage to escape, but she knew it wouldn't come soon enough.


Phantom had estimated that they had been here for nearly two weeks. Much of the time had been a dreamy sleep, often alternated with long periods of boredom split up by the occasional feeding. She wasn't sure what was in the 'nectar' they were being fed, but she knew she didn't want to find out. Phantom quickly metabolized and eliminated any traces of the stuff that entered her digestive system. She only hoped Natasha had been able to follow suit.

It was on the last day of the second week of their imprisonment that she felt herself being raised. A surge of electricity sent her body into overdrive, and in a moment she was floating. The wax was liquid again.

Strong hand hauled her out of the hex, and stronger straps belted over her stomach. She was strapped down to a hovering gurney - medical in design, with plastic bands around her breasts and limbs to keep her down. The gurney quickly escorted her from the cells, leaving perhaps hundreds more to their fate. Phantom put the other captives' plight from her mind- ignoring all save one, a particularly busty Russian scientist named Natasha.


Natasha sat shivering and nude. The coating had been completely removed from her body; the layers of heavy ensconcement all gone. She sat in a tube, totally vulnerable and helpless. Listlessly, she lay her head against the side of the glass tube. She clutched herself in a heap.

The glass tube seemed to have several lights shining on it from above - spotlights. She felt like a freak; a sideshow attraction to these inhumans. 

More lights flickered on. A cold, female voice echoed through the tube.

"Subject Natasha. Please stand up."

Natasha was cold and naked. She made no motion.

"Very well."

"Observe subject Natasha. She claims to be a transhuman. She claims to be on the same level as the members of the Hive. Even so, observe her base tendencies. Malaise. And what of her augments? Expanded lung capacity? Mental acuity? Micro-manufactories in her breasts?" 

Natasha blushed.

"However useless this basic human is, all things in the Hive must have their placed. As the current Matriarch, I have determined her body will be well-used."

Now she stood, interest piqued.

"Subject Natasha contains nanomachine swarms in her mammaries. Production only occurs under certain circumstances; stress and arousal. We plan on maximizing both. She will be a living factory for the Hive, producing our newest substance, 'Honey'. Any who partake in her secretions will be hopelessly addicted and pliable to the needs of the Hive. Now, observe our subject's transformation from pathetic individual to a tool of the Hive."

The roof of her cylinder opened simultaneously with the floor. Natsaha's feet edged to the sides of the cylinder as the apertures grew. Menacing equipment grew from the floor and ceiling of her cylinder. 

From the bottom, a concave arch grew. She swallowed reflexively and shied away from it.

"Subject Natasha, mount the saddle. Failure to do so will result in the termination of Subject Phantom."

Natasha nodded and sighed. Pretend you're at home, pretend you're with a friend. Pretend it's all for fun.

The alluring analyst slowly moved one thigh, then the other over the metal saddle. Its cool touch made her bare skin shudder. This isn't like home. At home, there would be others  - others with a soft touch and possessive grip. 

The saddle's gentle curvature rubbed against her bare slit. She felt red flush to her cheeks. Others must surely be watching; she didn't need to see their staring faces or lenses to know that. 

"Subject Natasha, relax your body. Observers, take note; both subjects came to us and are clearly capable of advance intellect and intricate planning. As such, both of their restraints will deviate from usual enclosure in the Cells; instead, observe a new, specially designer layer of our "wax." 

Natasha felt her legs clench and her fists form into balls. A warm, tantilizing sensation extended from her slit and upward. She felt an incomparable fullness, quickly extending out from her womanhood to completely cover her groin and moving to her legs. "How original." She managed at least one insult.

It was, without a doubt, different than the material she'd been encased in before. It was faster, slicker, and had an oily dark sheen over it. It quickly moved to her rear as well, and she let out an aubile grunt as it intruded. Solid, ribbed, and yet still oily-slick, the lubricated intruder quickly snaked its way deep into her rear. 

Soon, it wasn't just her groin, but her legs as well. Thick sheen extended to her tip-toes, covering, solidifying, and then sending another layer to stiffen the job. Her legs were moved, muscles unable to resist, into a kneeling position. She sat on the saddle with her knees pointed down and her ankles swiftly attached by the growing coating to her thighs.

Natasha had enjoyed such treatment before, but there was more to it. She had been starved of such contact for so long. Now, it was more than just a liquid encasement; it was a warm and inviting coat. It spread to the small of her back and up to her arms. 

Everywhere it went, it solidified. Less rigid than metal, but without the give of latex or rubber. The substance was refined; a mix of the wax she had been encased in and the ink she'd been coated in during her intial abduction. Danger-prone Natasha; now facing the least escapable of both.

Yet the fear had drained away from her after her first days of enclosure. Now, she felt ecstasy. The nectar had taken its toll, and the constant cravings were now at her forefront. She didn't just crave carnal release; she craved to be touched and dominated. The Hive was all too happy to comply.

Her arms were folded behind her back. First, her fingers were laced together, then the wax layered itself over her limbs. They were stringently adhered to her back, fitting with the curvature of her spine and pointing directly down. The wax burnt and then cooled and burnt again as multiple layers crashed over her teats, armpits, wrists; every sensitive and erogenous zone. 

It extended higher, past her neck, over her mouth, and up to her nose. She felt the hair on the back of her spine raise as it past her nostrils, giving her the barest modicum of air. 

"Do you see her motions? Dirty, carnal, and base; an animal in heat. It is under these conditions that we can begin production of 'honey.'

Conventional restraints were lowered from the aperture in the top of Natasha's tube. A massive ceramic brace lowered and clasped around her quivering and writhing arms. Multiple buckles, matte black, sealed and glued themselves over her legs, forcing her against the saddle. Small tubing snaked its way up from the ceiling to meet with her nipples.

"We could leave her as such, but production with just one unit is highly inefficient. We have added a force multiplier to the mix to maximize the factory's output."

Natasha panted. Her augmented lungs gave her enough oxygen - but only barely, and she felt her rate of breathing increase. She fought through blurred senses to spot another figure, suddenly highlighted by dozens of spotlights. She was not alone.

Phantom squirmed and bucked. Clearly, the Hive's inhabitants had sensed her accentuated strength and increased physical prowess. They had taken no chances. Phantom was enclosed just the same as Natasha, if not more. The wax completely covered her face, leaving only her hair visible; the dimmest outline of her nose, indentions where her eyes were... and a pair of lips visible through supremely tight wax made her identity quite certain. Thick, ceramic restraints further kept the villainess in place; a massive brace around her neck, for example.

The cylinders retracted. The two harnesses moved towards one another. The process was laboriously slow, with Phantom and Natasha both bucking all the while. Nearly a minute of anticipation later, the saddles 'docked.'

Phantom and Natasha were close; perhaps closer than they ever had been physically before. Stringently bound in quickly-hardening waxy encasement, Phantom's blind form knew it was Natasha the second they made contact. Tremendous breasts were snug against hers. The buxom, moaning form could only be Natasha.

Phantom felt her stomach and chest against her companion's body; they shared every moan and vibratory squirm. Energy coursed between them as they both grunted airless yelps. Natasha's cruelly compacted chest, stimulated all the worse by Phantom's contact, bounced.

"Observe again. So many factors, but they all blend together; air supply, physical contact, and other stimulants. Program thrusting and vibrating into probes, and these "scientists" expose their inferiority in a cacaphony of mewls and amorous grunts."

Phantom ignored such tirades as a matter of course. She engaged with Natasha; every moment was another closer to escape. Each rub charged electrostatic condensers in Phantom's form. All it would take would be a simultaneous expenditure of energy. They could melt the wax all at once and be free of these fools, fight their way to a loading bay... perhaps even to the bridge. Phantom already mentally purred with the possibilities.

All it would take would be Natasha to make the right move at the right time; all she'd need would be to mentally transfer the buildup to her augments, and all would be well.

Phantom awaited sweet freedom. Seconds away, she clenched her jaw and pursed her lips in anticipation.

Sweet release.

Of a sort.

Natasha's latex-covered lips made contact with her companion's. Energy surged; the soft sensation of a gagged kiss, intimate and genuine, was combined with a massive discharge. Natasha did not reciprocate with Phantom. She rode the waves of energy, coursing through her form, sending her warm extremities into a squirming overdrive. Her hips bucked and she gorged herself on the two fat protrusions busily thumping against her, riding orgasmic waves until she retreated to a slow boil, continually pleasured by her friend and circumstances.

Phantom was aghast. 

Their only chance for escape, and it had been squandered; no wax dissipated. Natasha had decided not to comply with the plan, expending generated power on sexual gratification instead. When would they escape? Ever? The rig now consisting of both women - snugly bound and trapped in an enforced kiss -was slowly lowered into a custom, massive hexagonal cell. The lid began to close, and dozens of Hive drones stared on through observational glass windows at the gyrating, moaning mass.

Despite the disappointment, Phantom managed a certain objectivity. I might have done the same in her place, Phantom reasoned. Maybe it was unintentional. Maybe she just needed a night in. Natasha's behavior is, in a way, forgivable.

After all, she was only human. 


Phantom: Domination-Obsessed CEO
Natasha Zhukov: Scientist, Captive, Employee

Bondage, latex, technobabble, technology, encasement, and an appearance of The Hive, a eusocial network of transhumans.…

Dedicated to and inspired by: :iconbullittblank:

Added comission from :deviantGREAT-DUDE:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
"I'm interested in anything that deals with danger. Not just the gunshots and the fast cars. I'm not that kinda guy. I like to think that there's more to danger than just a little physical trauma. I'm interested in the tension you get when you're seconds away from blowing everything.

I'm interested in those moments where the danger is subtle, and long-term. I want to feel that tingling on the back of your neck when you're inches away from failure. Am I making myself clear? I think I'm rambling. I like to learn, but I'm not one of those people who gets all his joy from learning something new - I want to put it to the test. Now stay here."

The slamming of the car door made no echo. The walls and frame absorbed every sound that came from inside and out, heavily insulating the bustle of the city from the passenger. Likewise, it insulated the city streets from the constant moans and the unending sound of stretching straps that echoed from the passenger's form.

Short, blue-dyed hair poked out between heavy straps; each strap was made of leather, tanned, cured, and oiled to perfection. The straps had clearly been attached and buckled with care. Nothing overlapped and they all formed a lattice around the rider's head. A panel of padded metal was flush against the female's jaw, sealing any sound behind tightly-packed lips. Two more cables lead from the gag around her nose and over the back of her head, harnessing it flush against her face. A similar panel held around her eyes, its cushioned padding forced against her closed eyelids. Nothing passed from the exterior of the car to the interior, just as nothing passed to the senses of the passenger.

Only her futile struggles gave her any information; tactile knowledge about her surroundings. She knew  she was in a car; she knew that the car had driven for about fifteen minutes before stopping, and she knew that her captor had throughly strapped her into the corner seat. She also knew that there was room for at least one more passenger.


"I would like to order the swordfish."

Phantom's eyes never strayed from the menu. The waiter stared at her, tapping his pen against his pad.

"I am sorry, madame, but we are not currently serving the swordfish at this time."

"I understand that it is not on the menu, but I am ordering it a la carte. I have no doubts you could serve it to me if properly motivated. Please serve me."
The menu obscured her face. She barely moved as she spoke.

"Of course, ma'am."

The waiter was long gone by the time Phantom finally dropped the menu. Dark, short hair in a bun contrasted against skin so pale as to be called white. Her common attire, gaudy by most standards, was comfy - and she always appreciated wearing only black and white.


"Excuse me, miss."

Phantom had been sitting almost motionless save blinking. She demonstrated a pose of rehearsed relaxation to give off a lackadaisical appearance. Knees crossed, one arm slung casually behind her chair. Not entirely correct; she still stood out. Appearing casual was still out of her reach. Appearing surprised was not; her face exhibited an earnest smile and widened eyes as a man unceremoniously plopped into the seat across from her.

"This is not a cafe. This is a respected eating establishment. You are not allowed to join me without permission."

He grinned. "Then do I have permission?"


"That's a shame. Listen, you shouldn't be here, Ms. Phantom."

"Nor should you."

"Please, call me Karyu. It's a codename."


"Doesn't matter. Anyway, miss, you really should leave. This place is not safe."

"Really? I own more land and have more employees than some small governments. My augmented body can go weeks without sustenance or oxygen. My bodyguards are intimately loyal."

Karyu shifted his weight towards the table. He wore a business suit, and his red tie popped out from his coat to rest on the table. One gloved hand ran through his brown hair.

"Right. And it's a public place, too."

"Yes, exactly, Karyu."

"So you're not worried at all about being attacked?"

Phantom smiled. "No."

Karyu grinned in kind. "Think about a few things, Miss Phantom. If you were safe, how could I have sat down here?"

Phantom's grin flattened and she pursed her lips.

"Second of all... how long ago did you order your fish?"

Her grin turned to a frown.

"What do you want from me?'

"I was hoping for someone cute to ride shotgun with me."

Phantom's frown curled to a scowl.

"I think I will be fine. Begone."

A kitchen door swung open. Taser electrodes flew at Phantom from one of the waiters. In her mind's eye, she turned her senses up to their maximum power, expended exceptional energy on complicated computerized calculations, and predicted the path of the projectiles. She grabbed a teacup and threw it in the air, tangling the two electrodes and deflecting them.

Phantom turned to quip, but another door - this one leading to the patio - burst open. Another waiter, holding a menacing-looking firearm, pulled the trigger and peppered the room with adhesive, sticky ammunition.

Karyu was already on it. As the second intruder advanced, he dove from table to table until he was just a few feet behind the 'waiter.' With a strong kick to the knee, the assailant dropped to the ground. Another chop to the back of his neck sent him into a moaning, unconscious tizzy.

"Can I get a ride?" Another door burst open. Phantom ran for the exit.

Karyu smiled and sprinted out of the cafe alongside her.

More adhesive gel peppered the door as the two exploded from the cafe. Phantom's eyes looked left and right ; she had already expended gratuitous amounts of energy calculating earlier. Locals were sprinting away from the fight.

A red, vintage sports car sat idling, and Karyu ran towards it. Phantom would have known it was his even without his action - it was blindingly obvious. Almost as obvious as the loud, pressurized shots of adhesive that nearly glued Phantom in helpless place. She hopped into the car without further question, and in a moment, they had left the scene. The screeching of tires echoing across buildings was the only sign they were ever there.

A few minutes of silent driving later, Karyu brought the car to an idle in a car park. The slow, thrumming engine made up for the silence between them.

"Thank you for the ride, Karyu."

"It was my pleasure , milady." His tone was as cocksure as it could be.

"Where to now?"

"Oh, I dunno, Miss Phantom... I'm thinking I'll head back to my hideout. You oughta come with. Lay low for a while."

"I think not. My own quarters and safe-houses are far more secure."

"Really? But they're probably public places - incognito in plain sight, right, Phanny?"

Phantom said nothing.

"Nope, my place is in a nice old building - the sort with all the boarded up doors, the sort that nobody'll ever find. The kind with fancy soundproofing. You get the idea. You sure you don't want to come?"

Phantom's hand tugged on the door-handle. She was already tired from all this activity.

"Something wrong?"

Phantom's green eyes pierced Karyu and he gulped.

"Karyu, this car model features electronic locks, but pulling the door handle should override that. You do not have child-locks engaged."

"Very perceptive."

"Please unlock the door, Karyu."

The agent's hand moved imperceptibly lower on the steering wheel. Phantom's hand lashed out, going directly for the neck of her savior-turned captor.. only to be stopped in place a few inches hence.

Phantom stared down. Her seatbelt had done more than secure her in place. It had morphed. In an instant, her body had been latticed with thick, brown leather straps.

Not just one or two, though, that she might easily tear. They were cleverly distributed from her body, and they had, all at once, formed to snake over her - like a spring-loaded trap - at the push of a button.

The straps were multifaceted; two thick, brown straps of luscious leather ran down her flanks, from around her chest to her feet. Every few inches, a thick, buckled belt ran along the circumference of her body - creating a sort of web. These belts were tight, and as she strained against them the musical squeaks of leather stretching reached her and Karyu's ears.

Leather carefully segmented her body out, dividing it up and enclosing it on a great many places. The pressure was great, and she couldn't put enough force to any one area to tear it. These 'seat belts' cupped around her biceps multiple times and in multiple areas. Her forearms were free of her inescapable bondage, but that was all; thick straps held her in a tight hug. More layered down around her breasts, creating a rectangular window in which case Phantom's generous bust was carefully enclosed; straps hugged tight against her clothes and flesh.

Implacable and unforgiving straps kept her legs bound , as well. Thick leather curved around her bottom, squishing it and folding tight against her compressed skin; more at her knees, thighs, and ankles. Each created its own curves, and each one helped web her in place against the passenger seat.

For a long while, Phantom remain quiet. She scarcely resist as Karyu proceeded to lace her own arms behind her in a box-tie; each hand was gently placed across the small of her back. Each hand was enclosed in a simple, but effective, leather bondage mitt, and each was then thoroughly covered in electrical tape to keep her from having any hope of removing them.

Phantom remain quiet after. She stared at her captor, and Karyu stared back.

"And in case you're wondering - yup, everyone in that restaurant was on my dime. I had to pay extra, too, to let me knock them around."

"What are you going to do to me?" Phantom's voice wavered slightly.

"Oh, gee, I don't quite know! See, there are some serious bounties out for you right now - groups that don't like it when hot little numbers like yourself parade around and messing with their business!"

"Oh, but don't you worry, milady, I don't think I'm going to turn you over. Not yet, at least; see, if you stay gone, your own company will probably put out a pretty serious reward for any rumors of your return. Pretty swank, pretty swank! Lots of cash flowing in... but then there's another issue."

"My company will pay you tremendous amounts." Phantom's voice had no emotion; it was a matter-of-fact.

"Uh... hm..."

"What do you want, Karyu? Money? Women? Slaves? Equipment?"

Karyu grinned and reclined his seat. He placed a hand on his newest acquisition. "Hmm... no, I think you're a pretty number. Don't know if I'd be willing to trade you for much anything! Eh-heh. We'll see, though - maybe if the prices get high enough, I'll turn you over. Maybe."

"Maybe?" Phantom recoiled slightly; her eyes went wide with surprise as Karyu moved his finger and thumb against her chin. It was almost sweet; her disposition matched her piercing eyes.

"Maybe...." his voice trailed off as he moved his fingers through his charge's hair.

The drive to Karyu's hideout was silent on the outside - his car's tinted windows saw to that. Phantom alternated tactics; threats, violence, physical escape attempts, and sweet-talk to secure her release. None were effective.

"Now, you're a little heavy - oh, no offense, just a fact - for me to carry, milady. I'm gonna have to find some other way to move you."

Karyu hopped out of his car and knocked on his trunk twice.

"Easy there, kiddo, it's only been a half-hour!"

He chuckled as he 'helped' Phantom out of his car. "Got a waitress in the back. She's fine, but we needed her outfit for our little operation earlier. Chatty little lady... kinda like you."

"I generally prefer to talk to friends and colleagues. Not kidnappers."

"Hmm... that's true, but, Phanny, you spent the past 10 minutes beggin' and pleading with me. So what does that make me?"

With a heave, he brought out a hand-car, and with another, he placed her on it. Like a piece of luggage, he lashed her in place, adding to her prison with a few more straps. It just added to her squirms - which he was beginning to appreciate more and more. Especially when her dainty little body struggled against the straps - or the way her curves popped out, or...

He took his time, enjoying her gaze and struggle, before grabbing out his gear.

"Well, Milady, I'm sorry to say it - but I've got one or two other visitors, and I don't want you disturbing them. So I'll need you to stay quiet and calm."

'Quiet and calm' meant 'gagged, blindfolded, and deafened.' A massive and heavily padded panel gag turned Phantom from a loquacious captive into one possessing only mewls and coos. He saw her body flinching under the heavy gag... and he was no stranger to the slight blush that highlighted her otherwise pale skin.

Gag-speak was music, and this number was a real virtuoso! It was only increased as he strapped on a heavy blindfold. He took in one last look of her sterling gaze, now turned to pleading, before buckling it shut. For good measure, he ran another few leather straps over the blindfold and gag; both for security, and also for fun.

"Now, don't you look the captive! You're a versatile player if I do say so myself!"

"Mmphhh... hnggggh! Mmph-ggghhn!" Rapid, short struggles punctuated her trip through Karyu's safehouse. Writhing, sending her buxom body hard against her heavy straps, and constant mewls for release had no effect. She was heeled along, helpless against Karyu's heavy hand.

"Now you just stay here for a while. I was thinking about how much I might accept for your ransom or reward money..."


"But I came to the conclusion, that, well, you're the vengeful sort. I saw it in that lovely emerald gaze of yours. So instead of just selling you off or letting you go... I guess I'm keeping you."

Karyu reached the central area of his hideout; the remains of a tall belltower, now surrounded by larger buildings. The winch still worked, though, and the rafters were made to hoist ancient bells of iron and brass. It was the perfect spot to store a villainess. Huge metal cuffs locked around Phantom's ankles; she was helpless and oblivious to what was happening until she felt herself being raised - by her ankles - up and up.

"Mmm... yes indeed, I'd feel terrible letting go a cute little thing like yourself." As she was raised, she felt a strong, firm hand running up - down? - her booted foot, then thigh, then inner thigh... she blushed as the hand moved over her stomach.

The winch halted with a start, and she was left hanging and wriggling. She didn't need to see to know what was happening, and she moaned - now low, husky, and frustrated - as Karyu's fingers danced across her chest. His palms vigorously molested her bosom, while his thumbs teased at her nipples beneath her clothing. She grew red beneath her panel gag and blindfold, and Karyu took it as a sign to finish. The winch resumed, and Phantom was drawn up into the dark rafters.

He smiled. She'd be fine until morning, but he had work to do; a whole bedroom to renovate, a waitress to return, and many shopping trips. He shut off the winch as she neared the apex of the dark tower and returned to his safehouse.

Phantom's moans and struggles rattled the chains, echoing throughout the tower. As far as a half-mile away, residents claimed to hear the sounds of a chained ghost, moaning for release.
The Package
A story for :iconk-a-r-y-u: , who drew a few provocative images of Phantom heavily belted up and encased. There's something alluring about a character that's been well and truly captured and kidnapped; that erotic thrill that doesn't explicitly involve sex. 

Also thanks to :iconstudentofrubber: who gave me the 'B-movie script' idea. 

Featuring Karyu and Phantom, and involving some thorough bondage, heavy straps, and gropage.
Villains by phantomdotexe
:iconk-a-r-y-u: has always managed to inspire or entice. Several of his characters, like the pictured ninja villainess Crystal Shard (seen above, heavily bondagized and hanging) have managed to attain a certain level of infamy, appearing in countless pieces, commissions, and making various cameos.

Phantom, envious, jealous, and impressed by Crystal's infamy, decided to take it upon herself to meet Crystal in person. Evil ninja clan leaders don't exactly do personal calls, and Phantom has a hard time being told 'no'

After a few weeks of thorough interrogation, vigorous gropes, stringent bondage, and intense examinations, Crystal finally managed to barter for her freedom. Phantom, ever magnanimous in victory, allowed her to leave. Maybe it was respect, or maybe it was affection - but it was a mistake. As you can see in the image on the right, Crystal wasted no time in exacting her vengeance. 

Thoroughly bound, snugly enclosed, and completely helpless, Crystal leaves her newest prize in her evil lair. Phantom remains trapped in a heavy, signal-blocking hood and vulnerable to gropes, taunting, and teasing; and Crystal Shard has no intentions of ever letting this cyborg leave. 
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Open wide and loosen up. :iconenicholasconway: is a writer that surpasses my writing talents with prose both lascivious and fervid; excellent writing that deserves a long look.

You can check out his latest and most excellent novella here (available in Kindle and paperback)…

I recommend you pay the $5; it's a worthy investment! 


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