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A HOLLOW SONG - A One Page RPG by phantomdotexe
For a long time, I've had a lot of admiration for the guy at One Seven Design Studio. He's made not one, but four really interesting RPGs that blend setting, character, and rulebook into one short file - and all of them are free. 

This is the result of my tinkering; A HOLLOW SONG is a role-playing game with an evocative (rather than elaborate) setting and some simple rules. My original thought process was, "What if someone ran Dungeons & Dragons, and the entire party was bards?" followed shortly by "What if it wasn't a joke campaign, and the bards had a serious quest?"  A HOLLOW SONG is a quick tale of desperation and very familiar question in a desperate land. Dig in! 
I've thought of doing a Patreon once or twice, but it seems unfair to 'double-dip' and get money from both commissions and patreon supporters.

Plus, I imagine that people already on Patron already follow a lot of folks. 

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Baronette Cordelia huffed as loudly as she could. It would be unbecoming of a noblewoman to show any form of weakness. This included explaining to the peasantry that she was anxious. "Nervous' and "hurried" were not words associated with a strong ruler.

Still, she wished that the caravan would resume, and soon. Cordelia was eager to reach Boundaria - lateness was not associated with a strong ruler, either.

The site of the breakdown was at least aesthetically pleasing. The forest was old, old wood; never before had these ancient trees been felled for lumber. The only sign of human presence was the dirt road that cut through, and even that could be easily lost. It was a dangerous place; not a kind place to outsiders, and certainly not a kind place to lost baronettes. No, she happily sat inside the carriage, eagerly awaiting her entourage to replace a broken axle. She sighed rather loudly.

It wasn't clear if her any of her three bodyguards had heard her exasperated sigh. She knocked twice on the side of the carriage door.

"Hello? Are we ready to go yet? Bianca, my most trustworthy servant, is our carriage repaired?”

She knocked again, this time raising her voice. She added a particularly nasal inflection to her words, making her voice slightly shrill and hopefully harder to ignore.

"Hel-lo? Guards? Are we ready to leave? Cordelia huffed loudly and began opening the latch. She would discuss this issue personally.

"Bianca, it is your explicit job to protect me. That includes protecting my mood, and by all metrics, you have failed!"

She threw the wooden door open. The baronet had been inside the dark, cool carriage for so long that her eyes had grown accustomed to the shade. She stuck her hand out in front of her so as to block the light. Her eyes traced a dark figure clambering between the trees for an instant, losing sight of him just as quickly.


Rossem furrowed his brow. It wasn't merely the trespassing; it was the trespassers themselves. He stared down at these uninvited guests from a branch in the canopy. This was his forest; old wood, older than he, older than his kind. It was a place meant for the wild and dangerous creatures of the world - himself included. His nature was rather apparent; long ears, big eyes, and bright blond hair would make it clear to even the most uniformed that he was an elf.

And why should he hide it? He seethed, grumbling with frustration as he shadowed the caravan from the branches. He was an elf, a being of the highest breeding and most illustrious caliber. He was old, and intense, and intent on protecting his forest from harm. He did not harvest its riches like some crude human. He carefully collected the bounty that was gifted to him; he had no interest in taking more from the forest than what he needed. The mystical sap that flowed from the trees was one of the few things he depended on, and to make certain he had a steady supply he would always be certain that the trees would be well-fed and its animals cared for.

The sap itself was of little value to him. Other elves had found it a curiosity at best, and other humans had on occasion traded for what precious excess he collected. On its own, it was a milky white substance. The sap reacted with life itself; it could nourish, sustain, and even help to heal when applied properly. It could be ingested or even simply applied to bare skin.

It was Rossem Kyln’s magic that made it valuable. Its effects were so marginal, and so temporary. Kyln had intentions to live in the forest forever. The Old Wood was his home. It took many years of research, but the elf managed to Shape the sap into something more powerful. He had tested his spells on himself, first; he had no intention of harming the forest. The results were perfect. The sap could be shaped and solidified, turned into a malleable, firm substance. He had created rubber from his sap, and he loved it. The sight, the sound, and the smell brought him delights for years.

Even better, it kept some of its properties. The life-sustaining properties of the sap could work on his rubber as well. He sold off his exotic gems and garments years ago to humans. He had no need of clothing other than his black suit. It enveloped him, its long gloves reaching to his elbows and snug boots reaching his thighs. His magics sustained him, and he sustained his magics with the help of the forest.

Rossem was never quite certain about the sap's other qualities. Some had claimed it was an aphrodisiac. It was certainly possible; there was an erotic allure to wearing his suit. When out of it, he wished to be back inside. When inside, he was constantly reminded of its embrace; the way it squeaked when he stretched and hugged him when he moved.

He wasn't certain why the humans were here, but he had suspicions. No doubt their leader was human royalty. No doubt that she had treasure - of some sort - and was far from home. Surely, those human traders would love to get their hands on her fortune. Rossem grinned. In fact, he wouldn't mind getting his hands on her. She was cute, in a human sort of way; he saw her when she poked her head out of the carriage. A haughty expression, wide eyes, dark hair and pointed, sharp features; she'd never be anywhere near as attractive as another elf, but Rossem liked her all the same. And, if she didn't like him, Rossem figured she could be sold along with her treasure. It seemed appropriate.

The first step was to stop their carriage. That was no trouble; the trees themselves obeyed his command. A few charms and a spell grew the vines and grasses, and the carriage ground to a halt.

There were four total humans trespassing within his forest. Two rank-and-file females, a woman with a particularly shrill voice, and a final woman wearing the garb of a carriage-driver. She would be the most dangerous, but the prissy little noble would be the greatest prize.

Rossem distracted them quite handily. Humans were entertaining creatures, even if they were a bit predictable. The sound of rustling in the forest made them nervous; the sound of animals grunting made them antsy... and the sound of birds chirping hid the squeaks of his rubber bodysuit as he began his descent.

He attached a thick cable of his own special creation to his waist, and another to a sturdy bough of the tree - and he leapt. The air flew past him as he descended; his suit shielding his body but whipping against his face.

One guard drew her sword, and heard a loud squeaking. By the time she turned her head, her partner was gone.

The cable had worked; it had slowed his descent on the way down, and snapped him back up to the trees like a spider. Like a spider, he also needed to secure his prey for later.

When he first grabbed her, she had been so surprised she hardly fought. It had given him a window of several seconds to secure her; first, a thick strip of rubber went inside her mouth. He smeared some of his sap across her lips, and snapped his fingers - solidifying the mass into a plug and silencing her quite effectively. She fought back, of course; she didn't need a sword to try and strike at him. But the treetops were his domain - not hers. The guard clung tight against a branch, swiping at him with her gloved fist.

"Tsk, tsk," he said out loud. "We haven't even gotten to know each other. Why not stay and chat?"

She said something into the rubber gag. Rossem grinned.

"Hmm, I'm not sure if I understood. How about I give you some time to think? We can have a grand conversation later tonight." The elf gracefully kicked the shield from her hand, sending it down to the ground with a dull thud.

Kyln would play with her later. For now, he just wanted to be done with her. She was already getting the sap all over herself in a mad dash to clutch at the tree. Silly little girl. Rossem sighed, moved his fingers, and turned his head. The spell was cast, and the sap became thick, black, and gooey. Rossem watched as she squirmed, trying to brush the ichor off of her until her hands turned black and were completely coated in rubber. She let go from the tree, but he had no desire to let her fall; tendrils and vines grabbed her before she could get too far. They wrapped around her, tighter and tighter, spreading more sap and rubber everywhere they touched. He spent a few minutes watching; he liked the way she squirmed and pleaded, and how she started to blush as she was further encased. After another minute, she grew still; her squirms were infrequent and her moans had quieted down. He decided to leave her to hang for a time, like a butterfly's cocoon. He returned a few minutes later with the other guards. Rossem deposited their equipment and valuables in a small chest. He was already coming up with elaborate plans; there were so many things to do with his new acquisitions. Maybe he'd sell them. Maybe he'd let them mature in their rubber cocoons; the forest could use a few more dryads.

For now, he had another guard to play with. Rossem dropped down to the forest floor and leaned against an ancient oak tree.

"Looking for someone?"

The guard perked up. She turned her head and gasped.

"An elf!?" The second guard drew her sword. "Duplicitous, traitorous little creature! Have you taken my other guard!?"

"Well," he chuckled. "Yes, obviously. Do you see anyone else out here?"

"Return her to me, or I'll run you through!" She pointed her saber at him.

"Hah! Isn't that my line? Oh, don't worry, she's safe - but busy. The forest is taking her, you see; coating her in its rubbery embrace, making her one of its own. A sort of rubbery 'dryad', I suppose; her body stimulated, her orifices plugged and teased, and her mind subservient to my superior intellect. Seems nice, doesn't it?"

The guard answered with a charge. She let out a battle cry and swung her sword.

A few minutes later, she was rubberized, cocooned, and her battle cries had become moans of overwhelming pleasure. Kyln spent the rest of the day daydreaming about how to best torment the remaining two intruders. He arched his back, stretching in his hand-spun bed. The room could use some decoration.


The elf studied his prey from the treetops. Humans had the peculiar habit of looking every way but up. Even when they did lift their gaze skyward, they seemed unable to distinguish between shapes. Three times they had stared directly at him, and three times they missed him. Kyln was almost offended! He had hoped to dazzle at least one of them with his suit's polished shine. Lumbering humans could be so dense. They hadn't even noticed when he let loose the horses, stranding them in his Old Forest.

The sun began to dip below the tree line, and the two remaining humans dipped into madness. He determined that the one in the dress was named Cordelia, and that she was a noble of some repute. Her driver and bodyguard was the one in the spectacles, went by the name Bianca, and was on far more solid emotional footing. Hence, she would have to be neutralized first.

Bianca moved slowly, looking to the ground to avoid loud sticks or muddy spots. Cordelia jogged, then walked, then sat in a frenzied pace. She was unable to do any one task for more than a few moments - and that included rambling about their doomed situation. Kyln heard her trail off more than once, repeating only variations on "we are doomed." Her fear was exquisite. The elf of course preferred beauty and joy to negative emotions, but there was great truth in her despair. He clambered after them, moving lower through the canopy to the forest floor in pursuit.

The last rays of light were poking through the Old Forest. Rossem could hear Bianca explaining their situation; they were only a few miles from the border, after which they'd be able to find solace. Cordelia seemed fearful that they'd lose their way, and spend the night in the woods. Rossem felt a grin creep across his face. They'd spend more than one night.

Cordelia sat on a fallen tree, massaging her calves after an evening of frenzied hiking; her bodyguard stared into the murky tree line. She pushed her spectacles higher onto her nose, fingering the brace of pistols and dagger tucked into her blouse. There was a creature there; some sort of beast with slick, shiny skin. She squinted, moving forward for a closer look.

"Who goes there?" She fingered the wheel on her pistol and stepped deeper into the woods. Cordelia's caustic cries went unheeded. "Are you man, or beast?" The creature didn't seem to respond. She stepped closer again. Bianca took a deep breath and leveled her pistol at the creature. She’d heard stories of lethal little kin that led travelers to their doom. She was determined not to be such a fairy tale.

Cordelia heard the loud report of a pistol, and raced off the path. Had she looked up, she would have seen Kyln disappearing into the shadows with the rubber-bound Bianca; had she been more perceptive she might have heard her driver’s cries of warning. But Cordelia was not so perceptive, and so she trampled further into the forest in search of – escape? Her guards? Anything? She was no longer sure of what she sought, only that she needed to run.

Kyln let her tire herself out, allowing her to dash madly for a few moments. He sighed deeply. The other three women were busy enjoying all the fruits of his labors, cocooned and joined to the forest. It was time to take this last one.

However, she had a certain… character to her. A character that Kyln appreciated, but did not want for the forest. He didn’t want to sell her, and he didn’t want her to join him. He wanted to humiliate her, tease her, and make her coo with forced pleasure… but he most certainly couldn’t envision her as a dryad or creature of the woods. Ah, but there were other ways to dispose of an intruder.

The elf finally presented himself to her. He dropped to the floor and took a seat not a hundred steps from where Cordelia had stopped to  catch her breath. He sat on a fallen log, crossing his legs and exposing his shining body to her. He smiled a devilish fae smile.

Cordelia was intrigued, and started towards him. She acted as though he were a deer, and made care not to step on any branch or make any sudden movement that might startle him. He was the first creature she had seen other than her now-vanished guards, and refused to startle him or chase him away. She took careful steps, tiptoeing to avoid the sticky mud or fragile wooden branches. She placed each foot on the wide and verdant leaves that lined the forest floor. Kyln smiled. The elf realized he was holding his breath with anticipation!

Now only a few paces from the elf, Cordelia opened her mouth to speak. Kyln put a finger to his own lips, as though indicating that she didn’t need to speak.

“Sshh,” he said. “Save your breath.”

She yelped. The leafy plant had enveloped her left boot, and it was already working on her right. The forest floor came alive, dozens of ferns extending and growing. Each of them was dripping with a dark and sticky sap.

She managed to grab her dagger, but cutting through them was an exercise in futility. The latex sap trapped the blade, and a fern ripped it from her hands, and casually threw it deep into the forest. She yelped again, crying out in rage at the plant that seemed so intent on enclosing her.

"Fear not," Rossem said beneath his breath. "Grabgrass isn't so bad. Everyone should try it, at least once. It needs you alive and healthy if it wants to milk you." He wasn't certain if the prissy Cordelia heard him, but she did turn her head, her face forming a strange expression of surprise and disgust as she saw his suited form step from the tree line.

Each leaf slapped against her body with a squeaky smack, then secreted its sticky glue. She felt the ferns tightening, gluing themselves together, and forming a terrifyingly thick seal. She gulped and gasped, sucking in as much air as possible in order to give herself some more room in the hardening binds. Two leaves grabbed and wrapped around her arms, quickly calling others to help encase each of her arms in a snug sheath. Vines tugged her arms behind her back, and she gave her fingers one final flex before they were encased in a rubbery mass. With her arms and legs immobilized, it was all she could do to thrash left and right.

The Baronet was being mummified alive. Her clothes didn’t provide much defense against their embrace; the paper-thin fronds snuck beneath her clothing, under her belts, and neatly formed a wall between her creamy skin and her fabric clothing – clothing that was being eaten away and dissolved, leaving the shivering and squeaking bodyguard as vulnerable as she could be. Her arms and legs were maneuvered into positions that would allow the Grabgrass to keep her properly encased; arms tucked tight behind her back. It forced her chest out all the further, nearly arching her back.

By the time the wrapping reached her face, she’d lost her voice – and her breath. “I told you,” he said. “What did I say? ‘Save your breath.’”

She didn’t have the voice to retort. Cordelia gasped for air, but was met only with further membranous wrapping. A thick bulb, one with an embarrassingly phallic shape, implanted itself between her lips. She nearly choked as the plant began filling her cheeks with a sticky rubber, gagging her and encasing the bulb within her mouth. Further wraps drizzled black sap across her head, burning her nostrils with their pungent rubbery odor. She was unable to inhale from the newfound black mass, but the plant would sustain her. Oxygen and a sickly-sweet gas began to permeate her mouth and lungs as the plants encased her head. There would be no escape from her; she now relied on the Grabgrass’s peculiar features to breathe and sustain her. It became increasingly difficult to comprehend as the plant pumped further spores into her system. Her panic slipped away; its intensity was replaced with an intense longing and desire.

The fronds finished their wrapping, and Kyln took stock of this new feature. Her feminine curves were quite apparent, even beneath the thick black-green membrane. He maneuvered his fingers around her curves, and he hugged her tightly from behind. He herd hear yelp and moan from within her Grabgrass prison. The elf daintily took her teats within his fingers and pinched them, eliciting further moans of a different pitch. The other hand brushed her breast, moving his fingers up and down and running them over her exposed and vulnerable bust.

He let her have it! One hand squeezed tightly against her rubbery chest, massaging and pinching all at once. The other moved further down to her waistline. The Grabgrass would no doubt work her into a frenzy before it gave her any release, feeding off her heat and vicious desires for release.

There was something to be admired about her. The barest outline of her face was still visible beneath the thick layer of latex sap and its accompanying bands of leaves. He could see her eye sockets and her plugged mouth, and it tickled his fancy to see her occasionally wiggle as though she were suckling at the plugging bulb. Such beauty and harmony! Nature and humans truly could live together, if this symbiotic relationship was any indication. Cordelia  was no longer the screaming little princess that Kyln had tormented, nor was she part of his forest. She sustained it, and to him, there was great beauty in her ‘sacrifice.’

She began to sink into the earthy soil, with the plants pulling her wiggling body down until only her exposed head still remained. Kyln patted it patronizingly. Perhaps he’d dig her out eventually. It might be nice to have some company in his treehouse. He would, after all, need someone to tease. If he left the guards in their cocoons, they would become dryads – creatures not unlike Kyln himself – and they too would need a human companion… if only to practice their magical crafts on.

It was just too much. There were too many possibilities! But for now, he thought, Cordelia deserved this much. She wiggled and cooed again. No doubt the Grabgrass was beginning to tease at her womanhood before it explored her further. Kyln smiled; the next few days would be the most exquisite part of the forest’s life cycle. He still wasn’t sure what he’d do with Cordelia, but it didn’t much matter.

Kyln got to his feet, and Cordelia – blissful and orgiastic in her rubber sheath- let out a soft moan.

The squeaking was as natural to him as the chirping of the birds.
The Old Wood
Starring :iconzarakai:'s rubber elf character, Rossem Kyln. In this story, Kyln hunts down some human trespassers and subjects them to all manner of fetish-related fantasy torments. A commission.    
The Vignettes I'm publishing aren't of particular quality, and they're not of substantive length. They are, however, a chance to play with themes or characters that strike me at any given time. Sometimes, quantity has a quality all its own.

That said, I do hope to write something more precious  soon. Until then, my watchers will have to content themselves with commissions and other miscellany. 

Best wishes in 2016! 
The Vignettes I'm publishing aren't of particular quality, and they're not of substantive length. They are, however, a chance to play with themes or characters that strike me at any given time. Sometimes, quantity has a quality all its own.

That said, I do hope to write something more precious  soon. Until then, my watchers will have to content themselves with commissions and other miscellany. 

Best wishes in 2016! 


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