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If i don't respond to a note, feel free to message me back bugging me about it. I'll try and get to all notes eventually.
COMMISSION - The Boys Are Away by phantomdotexe
COMMISSION - The Boys Are Away
Phantom and :iconairrider1:'s Sil'keh spending some time together. Story might come at some point; original concept was Phantom capturing and interrogating Silky about her partner for leverage - and fun. 

Commission drawn by :iconmarceldesouza: 
Grabgrass Garden by phantomdotexe
Grabgrass Garden
Grabgrass Garden
Story is light on the sex, heavy on the plant bondage. Some organic rubbery enclosure. 

Original image by :icongreat-dude:, commissioned by me. 

Featuring the very talented Natasha Zhukov, courtesy of :iconbullittblank:

Also available in fully-enclosed flavor. -> Grabgrass Garden - Fully Encased

There was a shark. A glassy stare; sharp features; grinning teeth. She was circling her prey, staring at nothing in particular and only soaking in the circumstances of a doomed mark.

The target, of course, thrashed, which only made things worse for the captive and all the more exciting for the hunter.

Phantom's predatory gaze moved up and down her catch, and then again.

"Miss Zhukov. It would appear that you have, again, tried to escape. To attempt this once is to be expected. But a second? A third time?"

Natasha's arms were busy digging tight at her legs. She had a fairly formal outfit on; a skirt, long, dark pantyhose, pumps, a slowly rising black-and green plant...

"Phantom! What the hell?! I told you that I had a meeting with-"

"With your bodyguard?"

"With a friend! I have my own life, too. You can't just spring this crap on me. I *told* you that I was leaving."

Phantom's glassy gaze never changed. She continued to circle Natasha. She pretended not to hear her.

"I really cannot show you the same mercy I did when you last attempted escape."

Natasha's eyes rolled so hard they could've knocked out a strike. "What - what is wrong with you? Are you still having fun playing supervillainess? You - you've got a conference or something, is that it? And you want me there as eye candy?" She smiled, eyes wide, speech fast, hands gesticulating wildly. "You know, I invent like... a measurable percentage of the stuff you show off at those conferences, and most of the time you just have me there like a bimbo. Or sometimes, not like a bimbo, *as* a blonde bimbo! Oh, and one last thing, "Mistress Phantom," being your vacbed wall-art - while nice - isn't exactly my definition of "merciful." Nor is being used as the flag in "capture the flag" in the holo-training rooms."

Phantom's upturned smile turned flat.

"So. Are you going to let me out of this grabgrass, or what?"

Natasha Zhukov, super-scientist, had found herself in a situation that Tarzan would have found familiar. After trying to leave MirageCorp's headquarters without permission, she had triggered the 'grabgrass' - synthetic plant life to... grab.

Even now, it continued to wrap her helpless body. Enzymes dissolved hose and the spandex uniform she had worn. The grass itself consisted of an exceedingly thick layer of rubbery membrane. It fed off of her warmth, and the more it  coated her, the warmer it grew.

When she had first been snared, she thought she could simply remove the grass - but the moment she tried, the grabgrass tripled its efforts. It emitted a gooey sap that seemed to harden into jet-black resin. Within a few minutes, her legs had been thoroughly glued in place and then rooted into the soil. It was comedic.

Or at least, it *was* comedic for a time. The plant grew onto her by 'slapping' her with thick, ribbon-like vines. It sent a shock down her spine every time, for sure; the sensation of being flogged and shortly after a tight compression. Each vine that 'slapped' on to her tugged against another vine, increasing pressure - which in turn created a chain reaction. Every time she made leeway against her rubbery enclosure, another slap would adjust itself.

She was starting to move from the 'struggle' to 'squirm' phase. As Phantom stared at her, two thick vines finally took her by the arms. Ribbons of membrane shoved her fingers into balls, and with an inhuman reflex, compressed. She was now bagged up to her forearms, with hands balled up behind her back. Every flogging slap was another nail in her coffin.

Speaking of such grotesque thoughts, she was now quite rooted. In the time it had taken Phantom to monologue, the grabgrass has dug her into the soil. Presumably, it was a way to 'store' the victim; bury them partially, encased by a loving, living rubber plant and left to wait until MirageCorp came. Well, the cavalry was here, and all she was doing was thinking.

"Hey. Phantom?"

Phantom's eyes finally settled. She had spent so long eying up her target, she hadn't taken the time to empathize. Neurotransmitter levels were elastic. Judging by her horomone levels, Natasha seemed to have past 'exasperated' and saw some degree of humor in her situation.

Phantom sighed. It was a genuine sigh. Maybe she had been playing with Natasha too much; she was only human, after all. Phantom giggled, thinking of the Posthumans still wriggling in her lab. Maybe some time apart would do them good.

"Of course, Natasha. It was inconsiderate of me. Please. Give me a moment to free you."

Another loud, squishy 'slap' made Natasha's eyes grow wide. It has quite vigorously spanked her; this grass knew the warmest spots on her body, and that meant making sure her generous chest, intimates, and supple neck were all quite thoroughly enclosed! She gulped, sticky resin now encasing her in a living sack. Green-tinted and shining black now help her sultry figure hostage... and the heat was only increasing. 

Two tiny vines pricked up from soil, coiling their way around Natasha. They performed and exquisite display of synthetic craftsmanship, harnessing and effortlessly tying Natasha's sacked form in endless knots. The finishing touch circled around her vulnerable teats, now visible through the membrane; they coiled, circle, and settled on snugly binding and compressing her chest. She mewled in annoyance and sexual frustration as they prodded and pinched.

From the earth, four massive leaves appeared. These were a vibrant green; an interesting contrast to the black membrane. But they were also much thicker. It sent her a shiver down her spine. Already, vines slapped against her neck, her lips... soon she'd be totally encased - a living source of warmth and life for the plant. Knowing Phantom's ceaseless demands for captives, the plant would keep her alive and well for - well, she didn't want to do the math.

It was time to turn on the charm. As Phantom moved in closer, setting up her projector to give some pheremonal commands, Natasha gave the poutiest, cutest, and most pin-up smile she could. It was a little hard with thick rubbery plant over her lips, but she gave it her all. Blinking her eyes and shuffling, grinding her thighs, she was the very image of pin-up cuteness. 

Phantom moved in close, and stroked her friend's hair. She was just too cute sometimes. White fingers touched the dark, gossamer hair of her chief scientist. Phantom moved in for an apologietic smooch.

She never made it. By the time she felt the second patch of grabgrass beneath her boots, she was already sinking, vines already flogging, membrane already closing.

Within a few minutes, the only thing visible was a forgotten control device and the squirming, curvaceous forms of two women, half-buried in the ground. Gurgling sounds, mewls, and frequent oily rustles echoed through the forest.

It would be hours before Phantom's security would find her, and several more hours after that a backup security team would be sent to find the first.

Soon, more flowers appeared. 

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I sometimes feel an earnest guilt about submitting others' work on my account. When it's a gift, I submit it so that it gets more coverage; when it's a commission, it's an idea I want to show off. 

First of all, I'm making a declaration; if I submit some visual art, I'll alternate it with something original I've written.

Second, and I'd like to re-iterate this; I don't draw anything. I write a lot. 

There are many artists who draw images to accompany vignettes or chapters; I like to imagine myself as being a competent enough writer to let her work stand without visual accompaniment. 


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